Santon de La Vie’s Private Healing Services

QSE: Quantum Soul Evolution

Santon created Quantum Soul Evolution, which is a powerful energetic healing modality that was inspired and grew out of her certification work with Marja West and Absolute Balanced Mastery™. It is designed to bring the body, mind, heart, soul, spirit and energy field into harmony, balance and alignment. It is particularly effective for people with strong symptomology. Though Santon’s work does not deal directly with physical symptoms and is not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any specific issue, illness or disease, it is designed to deal with the spiritual and energetic causes underlying any imbalance or disharmony. When those causal issues are cleared, healing, realignment and harmony are the result. You naturally come back into the power of who you really are and get back on track with your life purpose.


Environmental Dowsing

Santon offers Environmental Dowsing to clear homes, struggling businesses, offices, shops and shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, bed & breakfasts, spas, health centers, realtors, churches, schools, veterinary hospitals, retirement homes, convalescent hospitals, healing centers, hospitals, art studios, play grounds, gardens and land. The result is balanced energy, enhanced well-being, greater productivity and creativity, more restful sleep and less stress and conflict in the home, increased chi, which results in a greater flow of health, love and prosperity and general peace of mind. Owners and occupants are also cleared as a part of the process.


Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

Santon is available as a Master Problem Solver to help resolve issues you may have been challenged by for years. She has a unique ability as a “spiritual detective” to seek the truth and find it and facilitate you in healing yourself, getting your needs met, accomplishing your goals and achieving your higher potential. She uses her keen intuitive abilities and other divination tools such as dowsing, tarot and astrology and the wealth of spiritual wisdom to facilitate your personal transformation and evolution.

Soul Integration Readings

This is an opportunity to get to know yourself better as a soul and spirit and as a personality. When most of us incarnate, we tend to forget who we are, where we came from, where we’re going and why we’re here. This reading aspires to help you accomplish remembering and discovering just that. Though the map is not the territory, it can act as a guide to help you get to where you want to go. Discovering your true essence and coming to understand how you can integrate that into your body and personality to become a Whole Integrated Being so you can live your true Divine Life Purpose is about the most empowering thing you can do for yourself. Treat yourself to your Self!

Getting on Track with Your Life Purpose

This is an intensive session where Santon helps you focus your sense of who you are, your authentic Self, all your dreams, desires and visions of what your potential contribution and service could be to humanity and the planet through your talents, gifts, skills, abilities, knowledge and interests that are channeled through a vision into a form or manifestation so that you can make it real in your life and in the world. This gives a real kick-boost to get going in a real way with your Life Purpose. Networking resources are given if appropriate, a Mind-Map and A Plan of Action is also given to help keep you on track.


Reinvent Yourself Campaign

This begins with a free emailed “Reinvent Yourself Survey” that you can take to help you get clear on what you want and what you need to do to achieve that in many different areas of your life. Then you proceed with a consultation with Santon to create a Plan of Action.

Collaborations between Physical Health Care and Metaphysical Healing

This is a very exciting development where Santon is collaborating with other medical doctors, chiropractors and nutritionists to try to get to the bottom of what impedes a patient’s progress to their highest health and healing. Dealing only on the physical level of health is not enough. In order to successfully achieve the greatest healing results, one must be willing to deal with the spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic causes behind the illnesses, dis-eases and injuries one experiences. Santon provides the opportunity to help you do that, while you get the care of a medical professional. It is a winning combination.


Causation Energy Release Work: (AKA: The CERW Program)

Causation Energy Release Work is a quantum healing modality that Santon pioneered in 1993 to provide a unique opportunity to do accelerated cellular healing and conscious spiritual evolution in a safe and effective way. It is a transformational technology and energetic healing practice that is gentle, powerful and non-invasive. The CERW Program is a co-creative, interactive process that produces amazing results. It is designed to clear anything energetically from the cellular level of the body, the subtle energy fields, and all levels of the psyche and the soul, permanently. That clearing process raises one’s frequency, vibration and consciousness naturally. It facilitates you in living in present time in the New Paradigm of ease and grace, love and joy, freedom and peace. The issues you may have been struggling with for a long time finally have the opportunity to clear up. This is deeply rewarding work and is for people who feel they have something important to do on this planet and want to achieve their highest potential.


What can The CERW Program do for you?

The CERW Program can help free your psyche, your soul, your spirit, your mind, heart, emotions, energy and your body from that which holds you back from achieving your highest potential.

  • It can purify and heal deeply held unconscious wounds, beliefs and patterns that do not serve you anymore at the causal level.
  • It can help you integrate your Higher Self, soul and spirit with your personality and your body, transcending false personality, negative ego, dysfunctional imprinting and conditioning and help you manifest your True Authentic Essence.
  • It returns you to being at cause in your own life.
  • It clears negative bonding patterns with other people.
  • It enhances health and well-being on all levels.
  • It raises your consciousness, frequency and vibration.
  • It dissolves pain and enhances pleasure.
  • It brings clarity and understanding about your life and your experiences and facilitates helpful insights.
  • It brings you more into present time.
  • It clarifies and hones you mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.
  • It recalls all your personal power and literally strengthens you.
  • It makes you a more resilient and resourceful person.
  • It rejuvenates you and reverses the aging process.
  • It transforms you down to the cellular level and the DNA.
  • It creates a sense of balance, coherence, congruence and alignment with who you really are and what your true life purpose is.
  • It uplifts, upgrades and harmonizes all aspects of your being.
  • It allows you to become a Legacy Breaker and a Legacy Maker.
  • It strengthens your connection with your intuition, all your inner resources, your true inner Higher Self and who you know as God, Goddess, Source or Spirit.
An important note: It is essential to be clear however, that The CERW Program is not meant to advise, treat, cure or diagnose any illness or disease or any mental, emotional or physical condition, and is not a substitute for help from a medical or mental health professional. If you need that care, please seek the service that you require from a doctor or a physician.


Organ Transplant Assimilation

For those who are fortunate and blessed enough to have received an organ transplant, we offer a unique service to assist with the energetic assimilation process once the actual transplant has occurred. It is well documented in a number of transplant patients that they notice changes in their personal experience after their surgery. They may sense a change in taste or interests, (discovering later they were the taste or interests of the donor). They may notice a change in feelings or philosophy of Life. They may even have dreams that tell of the nature of the organ donor, how they lived and how they died. For some, it is a harmonious assimilation; for others it may be much more difficult, risking organ rejection. We offer this service to clear the energy of the donor and harmonize the energy of the organ with the totality of the recipient for those who need help integrating the huge changes that are occurring due to the transplant. This work facilitates the acceleration of the healing process. It is cutting edge work for anyone interested in Energy Medicine, the medicine of the future. We are excited to offer this service on a donation basis.


Veterans Healing Project

One of the most powerful ways we see we can create Peace on Earth, is to help facilitate the healing of our veterans. So many do not get their needs met when they return from a tour of duty. We cannot imagine what they have been through, but the need for deep healing is real on many levels. We offer special services to assist with the healing of trauma and abuse that have occurred from their wartime experience. We work on an energetic and spiritual level to bring about balance so healing can naturally occur. Imagine if our war veterans were able to heal and transform from their experiences and channel all that powerful energy into creating a happy and healthy life for themselves and their families and contributing peace to the world. This is part of our vision of a world without war. These services are offered on a donation basis as well.


Lost Loved Ones Project

In looking at the issue of working with veterans, it made sense to also work with individuals and families who have lost loved ones, not only in war, but in any circumstance in life. Death and loss is a part of life, but we notice in this culture that there is not enough of the proper attention given to those who are grieving. It is not always possible to just “get over it”, neither is that appropriate. Proper healing must occur for the ones left behind and a holistic acknowledgment of the lost loved one must happen, even beyond the memorial service. Ritual can be a powerful healing tool to help the grieving people release the past and come back into present time, able to live a fuller life. In this way, their healing helps heal the world and give hope that other people can recover too. We offer these services on a donation basis also.

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