Monthly Newsletter

The latest news for the Global Healing Forum is that our website is now up and live! We are so excited! As you can imagine, this is a very big deal. We are thrilled to be sharing our work with you, wherever you are in the world. We hope that you will take some quality time to peruse the site and become acquainted with who we are and the work we are doing. We would love for you to join us.

Other exciting news is that we just recently graduated our latest group of Ambassadors for Global Healing. These are our second year graduates and they join our ranks of global healers to be of service to the world. We congratulate and welcome them!

Our next Global Healing Forum Training Program begins October 6, 2010. All the details are under the Programs page and in the Calendar. This will be our third year group and it promises to be another amazing and powerful training. Please join us!

We are launching another Children’s Wisdom Mystery School this Fall! This is a great class for kids who are in the process of coming-of-age. They learn many tools for staying centered and grounded in their True Self as they grow up in the world we live in today.