A Special Message from the Founder
Santon de La Vie

Hello and welcome to the Global Healing Forum! It is a great joy to be sharing this work with you! It is my spiritual calling here on earth. It is a response to a need from humanity and this planet asking to be fulfilled.

The job of global healing is too big for any one person to do alone. It is the work of as many people as possible. The power of the profound, yet simple epiphany, “As we heal ourselves, we heal the world” cannot be underestimated. The Global Healing Forum teaches and educates people how to do just that. But it goes a step further. It teaches us how to work together in an aligned way with Universal Spiritual Laws and Principles of Quantum Physics and Healing to begin to produce results not yet even imagined. It strives to accomplish the impossible, which we find inspirational, because we recognize the power of the Divine that works through all of us and this spectacular creation called the Universe. I believe we are all the Cosmos experiencing itself, and our destiny is to become truly free and empowered as a species, living in harmony with nature, each other and the Divine.

If you’re reading this, you may also be called to serve and be a part of birthing this new world and new paradigm. By listening to the voice of your soul, you will be guided as to how you can do that. You personally have very special gifts to give in this lifetime. If you don’t cultivate them, they will not grow. The world needs your gifts and the Global Healing Forum is a garden where you can cultivate the God-seed within you and the gifts, talents and abilities only you have to share and give. So look deeply into yourself and the information on this website. Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to change the world with other like-minded, heart-centered people aligned with the Light and wisdom of Spirit to accomplish the impossible? The healing, transformation and evolution of yourself and your life is not only possible for you, it is possible for the entire world. Imagine a future on earth where the needs of humanity, culture and the planet are met in an ingenious and inspiring way. There are solutions to every problem. The key is how do you access that? The Global Healing Forum provides some of those keys.

Please join us to co-create this vision of global healing and global peace for everyone, and participate in a purpose far greater than ourselves. The world is waiting.

With Infinite Blessings & In Service to the Light,
Santon de La Vie
Founder & Director
Global Healing Forum