Angels: Beings of Light; A divine and supernatural messenger from Spirit or the Divine.

Archangels: Major Angels that are assistants to the Divine that serve specific purposes, such as Archangel Michael for protection, Archangel Rafael for healing and Archangel Gabriel for communication.

Ascended Masters: Spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a process of spiritual transformation. They now exist at a higher frequency and consciousness and are here to assist humanity and the Earth in its spiritual evolution.

Aura: The subtle body energy field around the physical body.

Chakras: Energetic organs or vortices within and above the physical body that hold and process energy and information.

Dowsing: The ancient form of divination using a pendulum or dowsing rod for clearing and healing energy, discerning guidance or finding things.

Energetic Anatomy: The energetic structure of a human being that facilitates the stability and flow of energy through the human system and affects one physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Entelechy: The part of you that represents you in your highest potential. Your perfected Self.

Entity Clearing: The skillful means of clearing and sending disincarnate spirits back to the Light of God.

Flower Essences: Homeopathic remedies made out of fresh blossoms from flowers, infused in pure water in sunlight, to aid in healing emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic issues.

God Seed: The seed of the Divine within everyone and everything.

God Self: The essential True Self and spark of the Divine within everyone.

Healer: One who facilitates the process of healing for someone or something with full permission, after they have healed themselves first.

Higher Self: The higher consciousness of everyone that is synonymous with the Divine.

I AM Presence: The same as God, your True God Self.

Light Worker: Also known as Light Bearer. One who agreed to come to Earth for the specific purpose of bringing more light here and serving the Light of God through serving the highest good of all.

New Paradigm: A new context of being and operating that supports conscious awakening, healing, transformation and evolution, ease, grace, love, truthfulness, wisdom, light, joy, good will, cooperation, integrity, workability for people and planet, sustainability, social and economic justice and health, well-being and freedom for all.

Old Paradigm: The limited way we have been programmed to be and behave that perpetuates slavery, poverty, human and environmental degradation, injustice, acceptance of lack on all levels, dualistic thinking, “us vs them” consciousness, unnecessary war, unhealthy choices, domination and control and spiritual and moral impoverishment through a belief in struggle and suffering as inevitable.

Spiritual Autonomy: The ability to hold your own Light and validate your own truth.

Spiritual and Energetic First Aid: The administration of spiritual counseling, mentoring, energetic triage and healing protocols to facilitate the restoration of well-being for those experiencing personal and planetary crisis and trauma.

Spiritual First Responder: One who administers spiritual and energetic first aid and triage to people and places in crisis and transition.

Spiritual Sovereignty: The ability to access your own connection with God directly at any time without an intermediary.