Global Healing Service

Be the change you want to see in the world.” M. K. Gandhi

Include the Earth in your Daily Meditations

One of the most loving ways you can help the planet is to include her in your meditations everyday. Whatever your spiritual practice is, you can send the Earth the Golden Light of Love and Joy and see her coming back into a clear and balanced state. Visualize a gold light in the center of the Earth. See it expand to fill up the entire Earth and push out any energy that does not serve her highest good. See this gold light surrounding the Earth like a bubble. Then visualize the Violet Flame surrounding the Earth with a Dove of Peace above it. Because the earth is alive, she will receive your love and light with gratitude.


Protocol for Global Healing

When a global crisis and catastrophe happens like the earthquake in Haiti, the hurricane in New Orleans, or the Tsunami in South East Asia, like a wound to the body, the body’s immune system kicks in and all manner of help begins to respond to the compromised situation. The Global Healing Forum is part of the planet’s immune system response to that call for help. We at the GHF have put forth an informal protocol to deal with these situations in a remote capacity that anyone can participate in from wherever they are in world. For those who want more formal and advanced training as Ambassadors for Global Healing, we recommend taking our Global Healing Forum Training Program to learn the skills and build the character you will need to deal with these crises, both personally and collectively.

A note about service in the face of a crisis: There is a term called, “Peripheral Syndrome”, which is what some people go through when a crisis or catastrophe happens and they are not physically present or able to help. There are some Type A people who will jump on a plane immediately to go physically assist a crisis situation that happens, whether they can actually help or not. For the First Responders who actually show up on the scene, such as the Ambulance, Fire Department, Search & Rescue or the Police, these eager people can actually hinder the job the First Responders are trying to do. Those on the sidelines who can’t actually be of any immediate assistance, can often feel frustrated, thus the term “Peripheral Syndrome”. So, we at the Global Healing Forum are creating an alternative for people to be of great help and service, even if we can’t be physically present at a situation. Remote Healing is the most powerful and effective way to do that.


How to Respond to a Global Healing Crisis:

The first principle: “Taking care of me first is the first step in taking care of others.” Like they teach on the airlines, if you are traveling with a child, put your own oxygen mask on first. Make sure your own needs are met prior to helping others and that you are giving from a full cup. That way everyone’s needs will get met.

Sit quietly in meditation. You may even want to light a white candle. Do whatever practice you have to center, ground and protect yourself. Call in your Higher Self and the God of your own understanding.

Invoke your own form of prayer or call in the Golden Light of Love and Joy from Spirit and send that beautiful positive healing energy to the people or situation in need. As you send it, simply know that they will receive whatever they need in the moment. We cannot be attached to whether they accept it or what they do with it, but sending it is always a blessing.

We at the Global Healing Forum work with the Ascended Masters, the Angels and the Archangels. So when a crisis or catastrophe happens, we recommend calling on certain assistance when you need it. The Angels and Ascended Masters do not intervene unless they are asked. This is because of the Law of Free Will. So, in a situation where you need courage, strength and protection, call on Archangel Michael. In a situation where you need healing, call on Archangel Raphael. In a situation where you need help with communication, call on Archangel Gabriel. If you want to inquire more about the Archangels and Ascended Masters, we suggest that you do a web search.


More Specific Notes on How to Respond to a Global Healing Crisis:

This work can be attended to by more formally trained people in advanced energetic healing techniques.

Make sure that you are centered, grounded, running your energy, your protection is in place, you’re in a clear and balanced state and you’re on-line with your Higher Self and Spirit.

Get on-line with your dowsing.

You can dowse to ask permission if there is anything for you to be of service about regarding the situation.

If death is a part of the process, don’t go in and deal with it yourself, but call in your Higher Self and the “Spiritual Medic” team and ask them to help with the situation. They will attend to that job. You can call Divine Light into the situation, but don’t use your own energy. You can also thank and bless all the souls who lost their lives as they go to the Light of God.

You can send a team of helping and healing Angels to attend to the people who survived the crisis and may be traumatized and injured, frightened or scared. Also send this assistance to the First Responders, such as the Fire Fighters, Search and Rescue, Ambulance, etc. Call on everybody’s Higher Self to be as present as possible and ask for “Grace Please.”

If you’re called to do this, you can do a clearing on the whole situation bringing in the Golden Light of Love and Joy and Divine Grace. Only do this if you have permission from Spirit.

Remember to call in the Higher Self of all of humanity when working on global issues.

Make sure you clear yourself after you’re done with your Global Healing Service and fill yourself back up with the Golden Light of Love and Joy and Divine Grace.