The New Paradigm of Relationship
Course Outline for Fall 2012

Humanity and our entire planet is in a period of radical transformation and change. Many people call this time, the SHIFT. Everyone is going through this process, but not everyone knows how to navigate through it. It can be a bumpy ride. Many people are feeling the heat on many levels, with their health, their finances and careers and with their relationships and home life. This is enough to throw any system out of balance.

I designed a new course to help people through this very powerful transition called The New Paradigm of Relationship. The purpose of this course is to help people to cross the threshold from the Old Paradigm into the New, and to transform ourselves and our sacred relationship with everyone and everything, such that our experience of Life and the world around us expands the possibilities and changes in a way that works for everyone. This is the way to create a new reality where all life on this beautiful planet can truly thrive!

In this course, you will gain the knowledge and learn the skills and tools to engage in the process of how to make this SHIFT with ease and grace. You can feel fully empowered and you can heal, grow and evolve to a higher level of consciousness in a very special community of amazing people all learning this very powerful and transformative information together. This allows you, your relationships and your life to blossom and grow to their higher potential beyond what you can imagine.

Course Outline:

The Structure of The New Paradigm of Relationship Course is in Five Segments over 15 Classes.

Segment One: Laying the Foundation ~ Classes 1, 2, 3

In this segment of the first three classes we lay the foundation of beginning the process of establishing our grounding and connection with our Self, each other and Source, creating a safe and confidential space to work within to do our emotional and psychological healing work.

Class 1: The Radical 180 ~ The Shift from the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm

In this class, we take a look at our “Old Paradigm Story”, the “reality” that we have created and lived from in the past, particularly in the area of relationships. Then we will look at what we want to create in our “New Paradigm Story” and what it will take to get us there, both for our Self personally and for the collective of the planet. We will then be guided in how to let go of the old and how to bring in the new in order to make our “New Paradigm Story” real.

Class 2: Learning to Live from Essence

How do we learn to shift from living from ego to living from essence? How do we learn to lead and live our lives from our true authentic Spirit? If you want to have more soul satisfying relationships, you first must make this shift in yourself. Then you can begin to attract and make connections with other people who are living from the same place. This is the beginning of real intimacy. In this class we will explore the answers to these questions and do the CERW work, a quantum healing modality invented by Santon de La Vie, guaranteed to clear the blocks that prevent us from doing just that, living from Essence and creating a Soul-Inspired Life.

Class 3: Healing Our Childhood Wounds and Defense Patterns

In order to really experience LOVE in our Self and our relationships, we must have a healthy Vulnerable Inner Child who feels safe, secure and loved. As a matter of fact, this is a requirement to falling and being in love. If your Inner Child does not feel safe, trust, spontaneity and playfulness are not possible in relationship. This evening, you will learn about all the different childhood wounding and defense patterns and then do the CERW work to clear these patterns to free your Inner Child so you can be free to truly LOVE. This is the secret, so you can learn to live more fully from your heart.



Segment Two: Tools for Transformation ~ Classes 4, 5, 6

In this segment of the second three classes, we will explore the energetics and chemistry of relationships using tools such as dowsing and other healing techniques.

Class 4: Working with the Energies of Relationship

Learning how to dowse is an essential skill that is fundamental in keeping you and your relationships clean and clear emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. You will learn how to heal and transform yourself and your relationships with this amazing tool you will have for the rest of your life. It will help you to tap into the Source of your clear inner knowing and become more discerning about important decisions you need to make that will affect your’s and other people’s well-being. The skills you will learn in this course are priceless and life-changing.

Class 5: Creative Conflict Resolution and Healing our Relationships

We will study some of the sources of conflict and upsets in relationship that keep them stuck and out of balance. We will continue our study of using dowsing to clear up and resolve conflict and heal our relationships, bringing more peace, harmony, love and trust into our experience of relating.

Class 6: The Cultivation of Agape ~ Identifying Our Authentic Essence Energy And Learning How to Consciously Assess Relationships for the New Paradigm

One of the goals of learning to be truly human is the cultivation of agape, or unconditional love. Relationships can be very complex. We come here to learn about our Self and from each other. But how can we become more discerning about the purpose of different relationships, their meaning and potential in our lives from a soul perspective? Using dowsing, you will learn how to distinguish the value and purpose of the various relationships in your life, and while not taking away the mystery, will help eliminate the blind spots that can sometimes get us into trouble.


Segment Three: Initiating the Healing Journey ~ Classes 7, 8, 9

In this segment of the third three classes, we will take our healing journey to the next step.

Class 7: Consciously Completing Relationships

Sometimes we come to the end of a journey with certain people in our life, usually because the purpose of the relationship has been fulfilled. It is very important to recognize this when it is happening, so that you can complete it consciously with as much love and grace, forgiveness, acceptance and ease as possible. This class shows some graceful ways to transition through the changes and transformations that are a natural part of Life.

Class 8: Healing Sexuality

In order to really make the New Paradigm of Relationship real in a romantic context, we must heal our sexual wounds and beliefs that keep us from being fully ourselves in present time with whomever we are intimate with. The challenge is to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time, and be able to respond with pure sincerity and love without giving away our power. When we are aligned with our Higher Self and we are being our authentic Essence and we are with a partner that is as well, we become conduits for Divine Ecstasy and Divine Love to flow through our bodies, hearts and souls, uniting us as One with Spirit, consciously. This can be a portal to God and a very powerful spiritual practice.

Class 9: Higher Discernment for Healthier Relationships

In this class we take a look at all the possible forms a relationship can take, from a soul and spiritual perspective, as it is expressed in our lives. We learn how to assess what the energy is of different relationships, thereby enabling us to relate more from a conscious place with each person and make wise and discerning decisions as to the appropriate expression and potential of each relationship.

Segment Four: Transformation ~ Classes 10, 11, 12

In this segment of the fourth three classes, we will explore the spiritual dimensions of what it takes to co-create Sacred Relationships.

Class 10: Introducing Your Sacred Inner Council of Selves

In this class, we will look deeper into our Self to meet our Sacred Inner Council members or sub-personalities that when remain unconscious, can run our lives and negatively affect our relationships. When we get to know them better and learn to listen to their authentic voice, we improve our relationship with them and between them. This puts our Essence more in charge of our life and calms and quiets the ego in such a way as to create a more coherent state of Being. Inner and outer harmony is the result and all our relationships naturally begin to improve, especially with our Self!

Class 11: Working with your Higher Spiritual Guides to Create Sacred Relationship

When we’re ready to create a Sacred Relationship in our life, whether it be a significant love partner, a new child, a best friend, a business colleague, new clients or students or an entire community, in order to bring in someone who is for our highest and greatest good and with whom we have the most positive co-creative potential with, we must collaborate with our Higher Self and our Higher Guides and Angels to assist us. This is where we let go of our ego being in control of the process and allow Spirit to guide us in the way of our highest good and the highest good of all.

Class 12: Conscious Courtship, Conscious Intimacy and Conscious Sexuality

This class focuses mostly on romance. Once we find someone we want to be with, we begin a new process of “getting on with it”. Now romance comes into play and we begin the process of “Conscious Courtship”, which leads to more Conscious Intimacy and, if it is appropriate, to Conscious Sexuality. What happens when the one you meet says “Yes!”? Here’s where all you have learned and unlearned comes into play. Is your Inner Child ready and willing?

Segment Five: Integration and Initiation ~ Classes 13, 14, 15

Class 13: Healing the Inner Divine Feminine, the Inner Divine Masculine and the Divine Marriage:

When our Inner Divine Feminine and Inner Divine Masculine are wounded and out of balance, this is reflected in our personality, our self-expression and the way we relate and function in the world. This is extremely significant in one’s personal healing, relationships, career and social life. It can and does affect finances, success and the general health and well-being of oneself, one’s family, society and culture at the planetary level. The value of this healing work cannot be underestimated in the power to contribute to personal and global healing.

Class 14: Wholistic Relating: Leading and Relating from Essence & Authenticity

In this class we simplify and remember what it is like to simply BE. We will welcome our Inner Vulnerable Child and remember the innocence and pleasure of our purity, spontaneity and playfulness. We will remember the joy of relating from a clean, transparent place where it is easy to be honest and where Love is the only Reality because of how safe we feel to be our true authentic Self. We will open to the magic that naturally arises out of that and the infinite possibilities of co-creativity that can emerge organically and spontaneously.

Class 15: Crossing the Threshold from the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm

Now we are ready for this Rite of Passage and Initiation to cross the threshold from the Old Paradigm to the New. We have come far in our journey. We have grown, matured, become more conscious and evolved and we may not even recognize ourselves from when we started this process. We will participate in a ceremony where we are witnessed by our friends, sacred allies and community to step into our power and embrace our transformation as we commit to walking the path of the New Paradigm as New Paradigm beings in Sacred Relationship with ourselves, Spirit, our relationships, our community and our world.

Benefits & Value


· Healing your broken heart.

· Releasing your past pain so you can enjoy the present.

· Freeing yourself from the patterns, habits, values and attitudes of the Old Paradigm and embracing the revitalizing energy of the New Paradigm.

· Opening up to Love and new relationship possibilities in a way you never have before.

· Coming home to your authentic Self and sharing that with others.

· Being empowered to create the relationships you’ve always dreamed were possible.

· Co-creating conscious community.

Details of The New Paradigm of Relationship Course:


15 weeks on Wednesday nights beginning October 17, 2012 (Holidays excluded).


6pm to 9pm


The First Unitarian Church in San Francisco, Franklin and Geary.


$1212. (Includes all 15 classes, a private phone Pre-Clear session and course materials.)
$1247.45 if you use PayPal with debit or credit card.

Payment arrangements are available.


Please go to the Registration Page on our website at:, print out the registration form, fill it out and mail it in with your payment. Once you register, we’ll send you a Welcome Email confirming your attendance and including a Relationship Questionnaire to help us help you better throughout the course.



To register for The New Paradigm of Relationship Course, go to the Registration Page to fill out the registration form and mail in your payment to the address on the form.

For more information contact Santon de La Vie by phoning her at: 415-209-3882 or email her at:, or


Required Reading:

Emergence: From Ego to Essence, by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Patricia Ellsberg
Embracing Each Other, by Drs. Hal Stone and Sidra Winkleman
Michael: The Basic Teachings, by JP Van Hulle, Aaron Christeaan, MC Clark


Who will be teaching this course?

Santon de La Vie is the founder and director of the Global Healing Forum, an international humanitarian and Spiritual Activist organization that is designed to teach people how to heal themselves and then become “spiritual first responders”, in service to other people and places in crisis and transition around the world during this time of the GREAT SHIFT on the planet. She is the inventor of the quantum healing modality called, Causation Energy Release Work (CERW) and the creator of The New Paradigm of Relationship Course, along with other leading edge professional certification programs for healers and teachers. She is working on a new e-book about the New Paradigm and how to navigate through this “magnificent transition” we’re all going through at this time. She has been studying and working in this field her whole life, and specifically on the subject of relationship, has studied and taught with The Institute for Spiritual Partnership and the organization known as Higher Alignment for 13 years. She brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to her work to share with all who are interested and ready to learn and grow and go to the next level.

Why is the New Paradigm of Relationship important?

Because without an awareness of who we are and who other people are, at the deepest spiritual level, we will never transcend our differences and find the unity that makes us One. We each and all must become clear about the distinctions of the values and consciousness between the Old Paradigm and the New in order to pioneer the changes necessary to sustain Life on this planet in the healthiest way possible for everyone and everything. Learning to transform conflict into harmony is the way to World Peace, one person at a time, one couple at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, one nation at a time, one world at a time. We can do this; we just need to learn how.


“Recently I completed the Global Healing Forum’s class called The New Paradigm of Relationship. This has been a most transformative class for me. I learned that relationship takes place with yourself first, before it can become a healthy extension to others. I was given tools to examine myself and I learned valuable information about the programming that runs us, and how to identify who is running the show inside our head. Combined with the CERW healing work that Santon does with us, old patterns and blocks get cleared. The most amazing thing to me is that I have been in and out of talk therapy most of my life for different issues and although the patterns were identified on an intellectual level by me, I still kept repeating them, and the same issues kept popping up over and over, the same type of relationship roles with others kept reoccurring as well. The CERW work clears these patterns immediately. It was like waking up one day and saying, “Oh, I get it now, I see clearly!” As a class we all grew deeply and have formed a deep bond, watching each other transform into healthier patterns. It is a most powerful growth process. I would recommend it to anyone who is ready to transform, grow rapidly and become part of the New Paradigm the planet is now entering.”

Laura Alders
Novato, CA


“What can I say about the New Paradigm of Relationship course? It's completely changed everything I know about myself, about love and relating to others. A lot of illusions were broken, a lot of questions were answered, and some of the deepest, truest healing I’ve ever experienced happened for me. I went into this class with the intention of coming out with a stronger connection to myself, to Spirit and to the earth, all of which I have and more. I feel so much more confident in myself, more accepting of my humanity and more like I really am a special part of a movement, and that I am supported and appreciated. I started this class shy and hardly contributed at all, and by the end of the class I was openly speaking my mind and contributing my experiences and opinions. I have had my entire being transformed and feel I have truly begun a process of emergence that will continue to serve me for the remainder of my time here on this planet.”

Chris Orozco
San Francisco, CA



What an amazing class! The tools I have received in the New Paradigm of Relationship class are not only invaluable to the
growth and survival of all interpersonal relationships (love, friend, family) but are absolutely necessary tools to be successful
in life! Within the first few weeks of taking the class, I noticed an immediate change in the way my mate and I communicated.
By the end of the course, we were relating in a way we didn't know was possible. Additionally, the information I received in this rich and in depth course will be essential to the successful expansion of my career as a Doctor and the path to better serving my patients. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful knowledge with me and the world!

With Deepest Gratitude,
Kelila Kasim, Clinical Nutritionist, D.C., San Francisco, CA

We welcome you to join us.

With Infinite Blessings & In Service to the Light,

Santon de La Vie
Founder & Director
Global Healing Forum
The CERW Work


Other Advanced Programs That We Offer:

The Master Class:

Learn the principles that guide the art of healing and more advanced skills and techniques from the previous three classes that you cannot learn anywhere else because they were innovated by Santon de La Vie herself. Learn how to heal childhood wounds and how to get out of your own way by clearing unconscious ways you sabotage yourself. Master ways to access grace and how to clear for future success.

Environmental Dowsing:

Learn how to clear and balance the energy of homes, offices and land through using a pendulum and a dowsing rod to discern metaphysical disturbances such as negative thought-forms, disturbed emotional energy or disincarnate spirits. Learn to release stress or shield interference from geological disturbances, and create more peace and harmony in your dwelling places and on the earth.

Flower Essences:

Immerse yourself in the art of using flower essences as “spiritual first aid” to assist people in stressful, traumatic and crisis situations in the field as we do our global healing work and service. This course is taught by renowned herbalist Catherine Abby Rich, proprietor of Combining Forces. Each person will be able to learn to work with the flower essences directly under the guidance of this master teacher. There will be an opportunity to consult with Catherine Abby for your own Combining Forces bottle of flower essences for purchase at the end of course.

Crystal Healing:

Engage yourself in the art of crystal healing as another tool in our “spiritual first aid kit”. This course is taught by renowned crystal healer and teacher Laura Almada. Students will learn to work directly with the crystals for the application of healing service under the guidance of this master teacher.

Entity Clearing, Ancestors and Spirit Releasement:

This is a very advanced course where you will learn how to clear disincarnate spirits and ancestors from the human and environmental energy field. Just as there are pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, so are there nonphysical pathogens known as Entities. There are different categories, such as ancestors, and other disincarnates, including boogies, dark negative entity attachments, poltergeists and what in the East are known as “hungry ghosts”. These drain our energy and influence our moods, thoughts, feelings, and general personality. If left attached, they can cause major strains in relationships, illness, injury and even death. Once accepted into the program, each student will receive an entity clearing session so they will not interfere with their learning and progress, as well as that of others in the group. There is an epidemic of major proportions on the planet at this time due to the large amount of deaths during the 20th and 21st centuries. This is causing a great deal of disturbance and interference. Clearing these spirits accelerates the facilitation of healing, peace and well-being for all.

Communication and Creative Conflict Resolution:

Relationships are a part of life and good communication helps them run smoothly. In this course we learn some of the skills and tools to enhance interpersonal communication and resolve conflict creatively and constructively. This empowers health and healing at both the individual and collective levels.

Energetic Healing Techniques:

Using very specialized skills, we will learn to use our breath, hands, consciousness and our intention to facilitate the energetic realignment of the body and energy field to allow it to heal itself.

The CERW Practitioner Training Program:

For those who are on the path to becoming transformational healing practitioners, this is a state-of-the-art advanced two year training program in the quantum healing modality, Causation Energy Release Work, (also known as the CERW Work), invented by Santon de La Vie in 1993. Participants learn how to administer the work on themselves and on other people in a professional capacity. It is deeply neo-shamanic work that facilitates the integration of consciousness and the acceleration of spiritual awakening and evolution. Prospective students must apply for acceptance. For more information, please go to the Private Healing Services Page, or contact Santon de La Vie personally for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION to see if this work is right for you at: 415-209-3882.

“As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.”
~ Santon de La Vie



Required Participation
The Pachamama Alliance, “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” Symposium

Required Viewing
The movies: Avatar and THRIVE

Required Assignment
Doing your Carbon Footprint.

More Recommended Reading

The Eye of the I, by David R. Hawkins, Ph.D

I, by David R. Hawkins, Ph.D

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle

Waking the Global Heart, by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.


What does the Global Healing Forum Training Program set out to accomplish?

Training for the New Paradigm

The world is in a tremendous transition. It is a shift from the Old Paradigm to the New Paradigm. The Old Paradigm is characterized by a world view of struggle, strife and fear-based thinking, domination by greed and exploitation, degradation of nature, humanity and the feminine, over-consumption, polarization, patriarchal values and extreme materialism, to name a few. The New Paradigm is characterized by a world view of ease and grace, love and integrity based behavior, sustainability and justice for all, conservation and preservation of the Earth’s resources for future generations, humanitarian and “green” values, an awakened spirituality, the evolution of consciousness and Life on Earth, healthy relationships, balanced masculine and feminine energy and a commitment to creating a world that works for everyone and everything, to name a few. So the Global Healing Forum Training Program is an opportunity for Legacy Breakers to learn and ground the skills, tools and knowledge of the New Paradigm into a practice one can live in their daily life and apply on a personal and professional level with other people who are doing the same in a like-minded community to become Legacy Makers.

Spiritual Autonomy

The first thing the GHFTP sets to achieve is to teach each of it’s participants to become spiritually autonomous. Spiritual autonomy means that each individual grows in their own self-knowledge and self-awareness to the point where they can hold their own light and trust their own inner spiritual authority, instead of relying on or giving their power away to a source outside of themselves. It is about coming to understand one’s own authentic essence, being and energy, unique unto oneself, and how to master, manage and maintain one’s own energetic anatomy and system to come into one’s own power as a spiritual being on the human path, as well as a human being on a spiritual path. It is a pathway for one to heal oneself first, before one becomes of global healing service to others.

Creating Conscious Community

Creating conscious community with a group of like-minded people is one of the greatest benefits of participating in the Global Healing Forum Training Program. Santon, the Global Healing Forum founder, creates a very sacred, safe and confidential space, most consciously and deliberately. This creates a very powerful unified field of intention where participants are learning and working together in unity and harmony. This is most effective when producing results that often far exceed people’s expectations. Each training program group bonds with each other in a spirit of trust, loyalty, integrity and community, becoming a supportive womb for healing, personal growth, transformation and conscious evolution. We learn to hold each other’s backs and each other’s hearts.

The Spiritual Gym

One of the most amazing things about the GHF Training Program is that, as a participant, you will be exercising muscles you may not have used before. These muscles are not physical. They are metaphysical. They include the inner muscle groups of commitment, responsibility, accountability, discernment, compassion, awareness, love, truthfulness without defensiveness, creative conflict resolution, masterful communication, healing abilities, leadership abilities, grounding, centering, clarity, wisdom, dowsing abilities, personal power and empowerment, self confidence, self respect, self esteem and respect for other people, humanity and the Earth. Development of both inner and outer abilities is character building and is what helps us become excellent spiritual athletes.

Preparation for World Service

Many Light Workers or Light Bearers, as they are also referred to, have been called, in some cases for their whole life, to develop and evolve their consciousness because they felt instinctively that they have a greater purpose to fulfill and serve in their lifetime on this planet. Many had great challenges and difficulties to overcome, from child abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, addictions to drugs, alcohol, food, etc., health issues and debilitating illness or injury, challenging family and relationship dynamics, poor self esteem, stressful financial issues, crisis of faith, feeling like they don’t fit in to mainstream society and wondering where they do, and pondering how they arrived in this situation anyway. A lot of these personal crises and catastrophes facilitated a great spiritual awakening to pave the way for an epiphany that there has got to be a better way to live life on this planet. All Light Workers have been pushed by their soul and their deep inner Self to seek the answers to their deepest questions, many taking an alternative route to the status quo of this society. Each person’s spiritual path is unique and each Light Worker learns to trust their own instincts and intuition to lead them in the right direction, ultimately toward their own enlightenment and liberation.

Without question, every Light Worker is here for a greater purpose beyond themselves to serve the Greater Good. Whether they realize this or not however, is another story, for each person must awaken to the truth of their own being and the part they are to play in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Each one must do their own inner and outer work and learn to hold their own light in order to fulfill their part. Light Workers are people whose souls chose, before they were born, to come here to serve on this planet at this time for a very specific reason. The more a Light Worker turns toward the Light of God or Spirit, accepts themselves and their greater purpose and acts in alignment with that purpose, the better their life tends to go. If a Light Worker ignores the inner and outer work they need to do, the more challenging their life can be. Many Light Workers have special talents and abilities that just need development, whether it be healing, teaching, clairvoyance, or the arts. They are often karmically required to develop and share those gifts, or suffer the consequences. Again, this is because they chose their path before they were born and now they must fulfill their destiny.

Sometimes what happens is that a Light Worker will experience a crisis or a total breakdown, which often leads to a breakthrough or epiphany that has them awaken to who they really are and their life purpose. It’s as if a time release code in their psyche or DNA gets activated and the awareness of the truth “dawns” on them, bringing to light a new realization. This is a very significant spiritual event and can create a profound spiritual opening for them. At this point, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” The Light Worker will meet a teacher or a teaching that takes them further on the path. Generally the student cannot progress without some advanced support, and more discipline, structure and wisdom is required in order for them to grow.

This is the point where the Global Healing Forum Training Program comes in. This is an organized and structured forum for Light Workers or Light Bearers and those who feel called to serve a higher spiritual purpose to get their “boot camp” training in preparation for Global Healing Service.
The Call is Now! The Time is Now! The very soul of humanity and the Earth is calling out to us. There is a sense of urgency because it’s time to serve. The very future sustainability of life on this planet is what is at stake.

Everyone who graduates from this program becomes a Spiritual Activist and an Ambassador for Global Healing. This qualifies each graduate to serve in both a remote and direct capacity as they are called spiritually to do so.

Preemptive Activism

This is a new form of spiritual activism that works with the Law of Permission in doing what we call a “Pre-Clear” to either prevent something from happening that might have a harmful effect on people and the planet, or to prepare the way for future success beyond what one could imagine. Both of these applications have proven very successful.

Becoming a Divine Human

Once one becomes spiritually autonomous and begins to integrate and live from their own true authentic essence, they are well on their way to becoming a Divine Human. This paves the way for people to become whole and access their own creative genius potential so they can make the contribution to the world for which they were born. Once people discover who they are and their Divine Life Purpose, then there is a greater possibility to bring forth Heaven on Earth. The evolution of the planet depends on the evolution of humanity at both the individual and the collective levels.

“The future of life on earth depends on our personal evolution.”
~ Santon de La Vie



Benefits of Participating in the Global Healing Forum Training Program

Empower yourself with the knowledge, skills and tools to heal yourself and support your ongoing process of transformation and evolution.

Learn to become spiritually autonomous and hold your own light.

Learn to become an Ambassador for Global Healing, embarking on exciting Global Healing Service and being a conscious participant at this remarkable time on the planet.

Be a part of a conscious Cultural Creative community that is personally supportive of you and the greater changes humanity and the Earth are going through.

Discover hidden talents and abilities you didn’t know you had and be encouraged to bring them out and share them with the world.

Be a part of something greater that has you know you’re making a difference.

Enhance the quality of your life and the lives of others.

Get into alignment with your Higher Spiritual Source and your Divine Life Purpose.

Learn to become a miracle manifestor in your life.

What happens after our Ambassadors graduate?

Once our Ambassadors for Global Healing graduate, they become part of a qualified team of global healers who participate in Global Healing Circles, doing remote healing work on issues going on at the local, national and international levels. They will also be eligible, when the organization is ready, to serve with direct, on-location, in-the-field work with situations that call us to be physically present as a team. Those graduates who feel called can play a greater leadership role in the organization and the community at large, sharing their gifts and promoting the projects and purposes of the Global Healing Forum.

Children’s Wisdom Mystery School

Energy Mastery for Kids!

Children already know so much, especially the children who are alive today. Many of them are known as the Indigos, the Crystals and the Rainbows.* They come in with extra sensitivities, sensibilities and talents. Many of them are wise beyond their years and are actually old souls in young bodies. But many times these children are not really seen for who they are and what they are capable of. These children are gifted and came in to fulfill a specific spiritual purpose on this planet. Some of these children will become future leaders. These children deserve to be seen, heard and encouraged. So a special training program was designed to educate, acknowledge and prepare them for their greater Life Purpose, giving them a sense of Self and meaning for their lives that they are here to make a difference and that they in fact already do.

The children will be led to find their own values, to understand their own integrity, to become more aware in an appropriate way, of the state of the world and to be empowered to be a part of it as they grow up to make a difference. They will learn about choice and how to trust themselves more as they move through life. They will come to know themselves and Spirit more and the Infinite Unconditional Love of which they are a part. They will also learn about their own energy systems and how they work to help keep them grounded, centered and focused in their everyday life. They will learn about the aura, the chakras, how to connect with their Higher Self and Spirit and how to set up protection. They will learn how to connect with their Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels and have better relationships with other people, nature and the planet at large. Eventually in another class, they will learn how to dowse using a pendulum and trust their own intuition.

* For more information about the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Golden and Blue-Ray Children, please do a search on the world wide web.

Rites of Passage for Children and Teenagers Coming of Age

This society does not have any kind of formal Rite of Passage or Coming of Age ritual or ceremony to initiate children through the transition from childhood to adulthood. In ancient and indigenous cultures, pre-adolescent boys were put through a special ceremonial process where they had to prove themselves and show their readiness to take on the responsibilities of becoming real men. Other elder initiated men mentored them through this process, and when the boys were done with this initiation, they were acknowledged by these spiritual elders and the tribe in general as having passed the test and they were welcomed into their newly transformed state as real men.

The girls also had their Rite of Passage, which was always marked by the start of their menstrual cycle. This was a natural initiation process that was formally acknowledged by the adult women of the tribe. The girls were taken under the wing of other elder initiated women and taught the blood mysteries and other sacred teachings and responsibilities of all that was entailed in becoming a real woman. A formal Rite of Passage or Sacred Ceremony was created to initiate the young women through this very important transition into their newly transformed state, as it was witnessed by the elders and the tribe.

The Global Healing Forum recognizes the importance of this initiation process and that it is sorely missing from our society, to our peril. The psyche of our youth is subconsciously asking for this initiation, and so when they do not consciously receive it, they find other, perhaps more destructive or dysfunctional ways of acting it out. Initiation is a deep need of the soul. It will try to find a way, or fail trying. That is why we want to find a way to create conscious initiation ceremonies or rites of passage for the youth of today and support them to make their transition into adulthood a more empowering experience. The future of our society and our world depends upon it.

Conscious Relationship and Family

The Global Healing Forum also has a desire to cultivate committed conscious relationships between men and women and families. In order to build a new society for the New Paradigm, the domain of relationship and family must also be transformed. New research and development is always being done to create new forums to explore these new horizons for individuals, couples and families.