Biography of Santon de La Vie

Santon de La Vie is the founder and director of the Global Healing Forum. She has spent a lifetime acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to develop her work as a healer, teacher, mentor, guide, leader, ontological researcher, spiritual activist, Social Artist, Cultural Creative and Ambassador for Global Healing. She specializes in the “impossible”. She has been in private practice, both facilitating individual healing work as well as teaching classes for over 20 years, both in America and in Europe. She draws from both the Eastern and Western mystery traditions, including meditation, energetic mastery and astrology, making her a Practical Mystic and Mistress of Ceremonies. She has studied tarot, Qabala and Women’s Mysteries with Pamela Eakins. She is a Flower Essence Practitioner, having studied with master herbal teacher Catherine Abby Rich. She is a master dowser, is a member of the American Society of Dowsers and speaks at their bi-annual West Coast Conferences. She received her bachelors degree from Mills College in dance, choreography and liberal arts. She is now a graduate student in Trauma Healing and a doctorate student in Global Healing, Spiritual Activism and Cultural Transformation at Wisdom University. She has also studied with Jean Houston, having taken her program in Social Artistry. She created a quantum healing modality back in 1993 called Causation Energy Release Work (also known as The CERW Program), which is a transformational technology that is a form of energetic cellular healing that clears the causal level of any issue permanently in about ten minutes. It is profoundly effective in its ability to facilitate the accelerated healing, integration and evolution of consciousness on the path toward becoming a Divine Human.

Santon also created Quantum Soul Evolution which is also a powerful energetic healing modality designed to bring the body, mind, heart, soul and spirit into harmony and balance. It is particularly effective for people with strong symptomology. Though Santon’s work does not deal directly with physical symptoms and is not designed to treat, cure or diagnose any specific issue, illness or disease, it is designed to deal with the spiritual and energetic causes underlying any imbalance or disharmony. When those causal issues are cleared, healing, realignment and harmony are the result. You naturally come back into the power of who you really are and get back on track with your life purpose.


Faculty Biographies

Laura Almada, Larkspur, CA ~ Intuitive Healer, Crystal Master, Artist and Proprietor of the shop, The Crystal Dolphin

Laura is the Crystal Healing teacher for the Global Healing Forum Training Program, teaching global healers how to utilize crystals for personal and global healing applications. She is the resident artist, gallery owner, proprietor and guiding spirit at The Crystal Dolphin. She creates transformational Healing Jewelry, Spirit Guide Mandala Paintings with inlaid gemstones and minerals, and sometimes Music, for Self-Transformation and Self-Empowerment.  A practicing Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Reiki Master and Minister, Laura teaches a variety of classes, utilizing Crystals, Energy Healing techniques, Music, Color, Light, and Guided Imagery, all designed to put each person in touch with their own Divine-Self, Divine-Source and Divine-Guidance.

Catherine Abby Rich, Larkspur, CA ~ Master Herbalist and Teacher  

Catherine Abby Rich is the resident herbal and flower essence teacher for the Global Healing Forum Training Program. She has been a professional herbalist and herbal educator for 40 years.  She trained as a folk medicine maker in the Bavarian Alps, Mexico, the U.S. and in India, where she apprenticed the well known Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Vasant Lad. Catherine Abby was a founding member of the Marin County Farmers Market and for 23 years was their resident herbalist. Her "Combining Forces” products are wildcrafted, organic and enhanced with flower essences she personally creates. In addition, teaching local plant medicine to all ages is one of her most cherished talents, her lifetime assignment and delight. In the year 2000, Catherine Abby began combining her herbal knowledge with the remarkable science of quantum medicine.  She has become a respected practitioner of Quantum/ SCIO Biofeedback*, and through this medium she is able to utilize her knowledge of both ancient and modern wisdom, helping others further their quest for optimal health and well-being.


The Quantum/SCIO is a computerized system that seeks to balance body mind and spirit, at the subtle energy level. This state-of-the-art, interactive biofeedback device manages both stress and pain and utilizes Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), analogous to a lie detector. Every cell, organ, neurotransmitter, parasite and emotion has a characteristic frequency or vibration. This device sends 9,600 such frequencies to the super-conscious via head, wrist and ankle bands. The device then records the degree to which our bodies react. Like an accomplished master, piano tuner, the SCIO finds what in us is off key and attempts to tune us back to perfect pitch and harmony. Each person's situation is unique. The SCIO prioritizes programs such as reducing stress through unblocking meridians in the electro-acupuncture system, utilizing injury repair, addiction protocols, anxiety management re-training program, brain-wave balancing and much more.


TJ (Freya) Arnold, San Francisco, CA ~ Spiritual Advisor, Healer, Light Worker, Personal Organizer/Assistant, First Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

TJ (Freya) Arnold is a Spiritual Advisor, Light Worker, Healer, and Teacher utilizing astrology, astrocartography, tarot, dowsing, energetic healing, chakra clearing, clairvoyance, entity clearing, space blessing, remote healing and organizing, specializing in editing written material with dowsing. She is now in a facilitator training program with the Global Healing Forum to teach the work to the public. She continues to be an integral figure within the Global Healing Forum, co-creating the organization to a whole new level. TJ also teaches her own tarot and astrology classes, as well as conducts her private healing practice. She is available for on-going healing sessions, private readings, classes, parties and events.


Student Biographies

Eve Libertone, San Francisco, CA ~ First Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing


Eve Libertone has been on a lifelong journey of learning and inquiry, seeking truth, personal growth and development and healing with a mission to serve her community and the larger community of the web of life through the fullest expression of her gifts and talents. She has studied with Santon de La Vie since 2003 and she completed the Global Healing Forum Training Program in 2008. She holds a Masters Degree from New College of California in Humanities and Leadership with an emphasis in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community and a concentration in Consciousness, Healing and Ecology. Eve is also a student of Joanna Macy and completed a ten-day intensive in The Work That Reconnects. She is passionate about integrating spiritual activism and a soul-centered life. Eve is a skilled facilitator, teacher, intuitive and guide in the healing process and the work of The Great Turning.


Jessica Demitro, Petaluma, CA ~ Sales Associate, Mother, Student, First Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

Jessica is originally from Portland Oregon, but has lived up and down the West Coast.  She has lived here in the Bay Area since 1996.  She is currently living in Petaluma with her daughter and other family members.  She is accomplishing single motherhood, while working full time and going back to school after a long hiatus.  She is also continuing to learn and study Astrology, Tarot, Mythology, and many other mystic and occult subjects. She hopes to continue going to college, so that she can learn to mentor and teach others about all of her passions.


Gail Tarlow, Corte Madera, CA ~ Artist, Deeksha Giver, First Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

Gail Tarlow has been a seeker on the spiritual path for 40 years. She has been a student of The Course In Miracles, Sufism, Transcendental Meditation, Oneness, and, most recently, The Global Healing Forum Training Program. She thanks her daughter Tracy for being her primary teacher in the area of Unconditional Love. In the "outer world" she has made her living in the film industry as a wardrobe stylist and now expresses her creativity through her mosaic art. Gail opens her home to the public every Tuesday evening to give deeksha (also known as the Oneness Blessing) along with her beloved husband of 20 years, Ken Tarlow.


Kenneth Tarlow, Corte Madera, CA ~ Inventor, Deeksha Giver, First Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

Ken Tarlow is the president of Tarlow Design LLC, a full service product development company in the San Francisco area. With 35 years experience in all phases of consumer product design, Tarlow has developed over 400 products worth over 1 billion dollars in retail sales. Ken has developed products for individual entrepreneurs as well as for major corporations including Matel, Ronco, Casblanca Fan Company and Sharper Image. As an inventor and co-inventor, Tarlow has been awarded more than 80 US patents. He is the author of “Mind to Money”, a guide on how to take your product idea from concept to store shelf, and a member of Who’s Who of American Inventors. Ken is a 40 year TM meditator, teacher of TM and a Oneness Blessing giver.


Sarah Harper, Nevada City, CA ~ RN, BSN, First Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

I have always been hungry for life, knowledge and experiences that will give me a greater capacity to be here fully. I have traveled as an exchange student in Holland and India. I graduated from Columbia University, New York City College of Physicians and Surgeons School of Nursing and have had a professional nursing career for over 30 years. I have served with the Neighborhood Youth Corps in Watts, associated with Los Angeles General Hospital and I hold a degree in Chinese Medicine from the California Acupuncture College in San Diego. I had my own holistic massage and healing business in Solana Beach for 20 years and was an instructor in Communication skills, Astanga yoga and Tai Chi for 10 years. I have served as a staff nurse in a holistic preventative medical practice in Southern, CA and have been involved in Long Term Care Nursing since 2001. I now reside with my beloved husband in Nevada City, CA and continue to be involved with deeply spiritual activities.


Alina Rempfer, San Rafael, CA ~ Visionary Artist, Second Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

Alina is an artist in visionary training, with an extremely active imagination and a passion for helping people. Hungry at an early age to find a group she could study with, to encourage and instruct her in the ways of service to the highest good, she prepared by teaching herself the practice of receiving knowledge and guidance from Nature itself. When, at 23, she was diagnosed with Thyroid disease, she experienced two years of confusion, wondering, "What should I be doing with my life?"  By non-coincidence, Alina met Santon de La Vie only days after asking "Where is my next teacher?", and was shortly welcomed into the Global Healing Forum Training Program.  Knowing that nothing is separate from the Divine, Alina loves to talk about how everyone is God in human form.  Need a hug or a laugh? She's your girl.


Connie Humphrey, San Rafael, CA ~ Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Levels I and II, Second Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

Deeply influenced by Andrew Weil, M.D. who advises, "A complete approach to health means addressing not only our physical body, but our energetic body as well," and Mehmet Oz, M.D., who claims, "The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine," I embarked upon a study of energetic mastery with the Global Healing Forum Training Program. My primary motivation was self-healing of my various nagging health conditions, which were unresponsive to conventional allopathic medicine. My secondary objective was enhancing my therapeutic massage skills and Reiki energy flow to clients and friends. At the program's end, however, I find myself also pledged to its greater purpose—that of Divine alignment in preparation for worldwide healing service, for I have come to experience that personal healing is in fact the groundswell from which global healing arises.


Tony Lord, Ignacio, CA ~ Recovery Counselor, Retired Boxer, Sales Associate, Second Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

Tony is a retired boxer who works as a sales associate for a wholesale distributor. He was born in the United States, grew up in Belize and after returning to America, lived in South Central Los Angeles and Brooklyn New York. He now lives and works in Marin County, California.


Linda Delair, San Rafael, CA ~ LEEDS and Sustainable Living Consultant, Second Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing  

Green Design is Smart Design. As a Green Home & Office Makeover specialist, Linda provides her clients with low impact living solutions and energy saving methods for their home and business environments, indoor and outdoor. She offers private consultation and group presentations on how to enhance and optimize your lifestyle, sustainably. She has been a featured speaker for the San Francisco Design Center, San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, Green Building Professionals Guild, Student Career Forums, Home Shows, and more, showing how Smart Green Design and product choices improve health, and save money, energy, and time.

Linda has worked in the building industry for over ten years, specializing in remodeling, interior design, space planning, and consulting. She earned a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Professional Accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council; (CGBP) Green Home Retrofitting and Remodeling Advanced Certification from Build It Green; Certified Permaculture Designer through the Regenerative Design Institute; and is currently enrolled in the San Francisco Institute of Architecture Green Building Program and The Global Healing Forum. Linda is a member of ADPSR, USGBC, Build It Green, Marin Builders Association, and the Environmental Forum of Marin. She is the former Vice President of the non-profit Ambassadors of Hope & Opportunity and is currently a facilitator of the Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening The Dreamer Initiative. Because of Linda’s deep connection with the natural world, she also gives personal life guidance readings, offering valuable insight into her client’s personal lives through interpreting the Native American Medicine Cards system.


Tamara Backston, San Rafael, CA ~
HomeLife Designs, Interior Designer, Second Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing

Early on I discovered that I had clairsentient sensitivities which led me to search out new and different ways to understand myself and the world around me. This search brought many opportunities for changes and awakenings. I realized that I was a spiritual seeker and a legacy breaker and began my journey down the spiritual path. I have explored many traditions, from Christian mysticism and the teachings of loving kindness to Sufism and Buddhism. As I became more aware, I was challenged to integrate the spiritual and physical aspects of my life. I became interested in physical healing and applying acupuncture and Ayurvedic principals of diet and lifestyle, as well as exploring Aikido and yoga. This need for balance and integration drew me to transform a hobby into a career. I decided to leave my work in finance and technology and pursue my love for design, architecture, beauty and color by starting an interior design practice. I discovered the spiritual art of design in the practices of Feng Shui and Vastu, India’s ancient vedic design tradition. Most recently I sought out the refuge and support of a spiritual community to seek balance and find my higher purpose. Through Gail and Ken Tarlow, graduates of the Global Healing Forum Training Program, I was introduced to a way to connect with the universal ground of being and oneness through the meditational healing practice of Deeksha. From this group I was lead to go deeper into the studies of energetic mastery, meditation and healing practices with Santon de La Vie and the Global Healing Forum. I feel blessed and grateful to have found a community of people and a soul group that is attuned to the challenges of our time, and committed to creating a bridge to entrainment with the Universal Soul.


Margaret Walsh, Greenbrae, CA ~ Moving Specialist and Proprietor of Changing Places, Inc., Reiki Practitioner, Second Year Graduate of the GHFTP, Spiritual Activist and Ambassador for Global Healing


Margaret Fearey Walsh is the President of Changing Places, Inc. She has combined her professional experience in interior design, catering and event production to quickly become one of the industry leaders in the business of helping busy people relocate and, organize. Margaret’s goal is to assist people while creating functional systems in their homes or offices. The success of these projects allows her clients to live their lives more efficiently and therefore more happily. With offices in Marin County and Paris, Changing Places, Inc, now operates globally. Margaret uses her sense of order, clarity, and creativity to facilitate moves both locally and internationally.