About Us

Our Purpose

To help facilitate humanity and the planet to raise its consciousness, frequency and vibration, such that it can make the necessary evolutionary shift required to create a sustainable future for all Life.

Our Vision

That the work of the Global Healing Forum become a catalyst to shift the consciousness, frequency and vibration of the planet, whereby healing, transformation and conscious awakening and evolution occur naturally and spontaneously, resulting in greater overall healing, health and harmony between people and nature, and an overall experience of ease, grace, love and joy, from the realigned attitude of the highest good for all.

Our Mission

To teach and train as many “spiritual first responders” as possible who become “centers of influence” in their communities and travels. To create Global Healing Circles around the world with highly trained and skilled “Ambassadors for Global Healing” (graduates of our Global Healing Forum Training Program) doing remote healing work on the people and places that need it most. To have direct healing teams go out in the field to administer “spiritual and energetic first aid” to those experiencing crisis and transition, including the actual “first responders” of the police, fire department and ambulance workers who put their lives on the line to help other people and animals every day. To provide accessible healing service at the local level that serves the needs of our communities, and to serve our leaders to help them make their job easier. Our job is to fill the gap that the Red Cross, the Peace Corp. and other such organizations may not be able to get to, and to bring the love, light, compassion, support, well-being and highly trained spiritual and energetic healing skills these Global Healers have to offer to help people and the environment cope with these very intense and remarkable times.

Our Philosophy

We believe that humanity and the planet are going through a very intense and powerful transformational evolutionary shift.

We believe this is the “spirit of our times” and this is affecting everyone and everything, whether realized or not.

We believe that consciousness is the mitigating factor and that in order to ensure the future survival and sustainability of life on earth, humanity must wake up now and learn what it takes to rise above the challenges.

We believe everything happens for a reason, whether understood or not.

We believe that everyone has a greater purpose to fulfill and a higher potential to actualize, and that this is possible with conscious awakening.

We believe the crises we experience in our lives and on this earth is an unprecedented opportunity for positive change and breakthrough.

We believe that as we heal ourselves, we help heal the world.

We believe healing, transformation and conscious evolution is possible with full permission given and received.

We believe in achieving what some may deem “impossible”, and we challenge any unexamined assumptions that the “impossible” can’t be done. We will dare.

We believe in the inherent good in all beings and all life and that the Great Spirit dwells within all.
We believe in the core values of Beauty, Truth and Goodness and that by living through these values and our own personal integrity, that it has a positive effect on our lives and the world.

We believe in living in congruence and alignment between our thoughts, words and actions and being leaders by example.

We believe in working in alignment with the Laws of Spirit, the Laws of Nature and the Way of Wisdom.

We believe that global harmony creates global peace.

We believe in Grace.

Our History

Santon de La Vie has been a spiritual teacher and energetic healer for over 20 years and is working with individuals and groups both in America and in Europe. She has always been following a calling, but this calling got even stronger after 9/11/2001 and the start of the Afghan war. She received a vision whereby she saw that a new type of organization was necessary to attend to the profound crisis and suffering that this planet was and will continue to go through in its transition from the old paradigm to the new. She knew that the Red Cross and the Peace Corp exist to administer to people’s basic survival needs, such as food, water, shelter and medical attention, but there was no such organization to attend to people’s spiritual, energetic and emotional needs as they confront the tremendous changes before them. So she rearranged all the things she had been doing over the course of her career into a new design that would facilitate the manifestation of this new vision for global healing service.

The first group of the year long Global Healing Forum Training Program began in October 2007 and graduated as Ambassadors for Global Healing in October 2008. The second group of Global Healers just graduated in June 2010. Global Healing Forum Training Programs are continuing and new ones begin once a year. This is a professional certified training program and individuals can attend this course for their own healing and educational benefit as well as their professional goals.

Why was the Global Healing Forum created?

Everyone knows that the Earth, humanity and all living systems within and upon it are going through a tumultuous transformation. There is simultaneous death and rebirth occurring. Humanity has a choice to transform or die, and the good news is that the choice is in our hands. The only catch is that in order to sustain Life on Earth for future generations, there must be a collective will and alignment to do so. So, the Global Healing Forum was created as an immune system response to the dis-ease and distress that has gotten out of hand. No one person can do this alone, and so the organization was started to begin to rally Light Workers, Healers, Sacred, Spiritual, Social and Environmental Activists and those people who wish to serve the greater good of humanity and this planet during this time called The Great Turning. We want to join with other “T-cells” or “transformational cells” in the global immune system to bring forth a saner, more humane, just and sustainable reality for all of Life here. Many people have been working for decades in their own way to help and make a difference. The problem is that many of these people and organizations don’t know each other, and so aren’t collaborating and cooperating around an aligned intention. The Global Healing Forum intends to be a hub of spiritual activity whereby people, no matter where they are on Earth, can come together to focus their energies with positive aligned intention, through prayer, meditation, dowsing and other healing technologies toward the people and places that are asking for and needing the attention.

People have been slowly waking up everywhere to the fact that Life is changing as we know it. There are good changes and there are issues that need to be looked at and changed for the better. The modern activist cannot act in a vacuum. He or she must act with both spiritual dedication and discipline, as well as with the conviction for social and environmental justice in tandem with other committed people aligned with high values, ethics and standards of conduct. The Global Healing Forum intends to have an inspiring influence on society by sending healthy, empowered, conscious individuals out into the world who will in turn become an influence, simply by being their authentic Divine Self. Their personal light, intelligence and radiance will positively affect the world around them by the fact that they are living wisdom in action and able to respond with their master problem solving skills. We are looking for new people to become Ambassadors for Global Healing.

Please consider joining us.